Empowering Labour


The ProPay Membership module is the heart of the ProPay System, all activities in all other modules culminate in one area of Member Management. With the right security clearance users can see all aspect of member activity, empowering Trade Unions to take care of members with world class service.


Above all, know your members

Guaranteed knowledge of members & member movement. Using the Pro-Recon module we collect, scan and import all reconciliations from employers. These recons are then processed against monies deposited. Every recon must balance and variances reported on.

From processing the recons we establish; * Non paying members * Newly recruited Members * Resigning Members * Short paying members * Membership loss, Retrenchments etc * Non paying employers


Subscription Collection- The Life Blood of ALL Trade Unions!

Using Pro-Finance we collect Trade Union Subscriptions, Loans, Insurance Products & any other products Trade Unions wish to offer their members. Trade Union members are given a unique debtors account, capable of storing multiple ledgers for each of the products the member has accepted from the Trade Union.


Standardised & Customised reports are made accessible on a Microsoft Report Writing Server for our all ProPay system users. These range from high level “dashboard” views to every level of detail required to manage, track & forecast the growth of our clients.


Send E-mails and SMS’s to who you want, when you want!

Using Pro-Comm, Trade Unions can communicate with their members within seconds. Pro-Comm has the power to strategically segment members by Gender, Age, Employer, Occupation, Position and department. Automated messaging makes it possible for Trade Unions to send Birthday Wishes & Anniversary Messages, automatically. Prepare the message and let the computer do the remembering. Mobilise or report back to members with in seconds.


Effective Bank Collection Methods | Debit Order & Credit Card Collections made Simple

Using the power of Pro-Switch we manage our clients Debit Orders and Credit Card transactions. This module is fully customizable and can be adapted to meet the needs of any of our Trade Union clients.

Pro-Service Net

Pro-Service Net manages all member queries in a task and event format, then delivers these tasks to accountable individuals who fulfill the members need. The Power of Pro-Service Net, is in it's ability to direct all the member queries to the proper Union official, allowing excellent member service which ultimately leads to better member retention. Guaranteed increased effectiveness, better productivity and higher levels of member retention.


Controlling Legal Costs & becoming more effective

The Pro-Legal Module was designed to effortlessly manage all labour cases in a Trade Union environment. This web-based application is a typical example of ProPay's commitment to empower Trade Unions through systems.

Using the power of Pro-Legal the process of managing members Legal Cases becomes a breeze. It also ensures members cases are handled expediently and cost effectively.


An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.
- Benjamin Franklin

With Pro-Education, Trade Unions are able to confidentially store all the qualifications and historical results of their Shop Stewards, Organizers & Staff members.

The module allows for the identification and tracking of existing skills & subsequent training that might be required. GAP Analysis. The functionality together with supporting processes ensure well qualified officials leading to effective representation.

Pro-Education facilitates the effective deployment of the most suitable person with the correct qualification in the right job. Deploying the right person with the right qualification in the right job becomes a breeze.


Prompt Professional service our promise!

In line with our Vision of being the foremost Trade Union Administrator in the World, distinguished by our excellent service, dependability & know-how, ProPay has developed a help desk systems to monitor and manage all Trade Union interactions with ourselves. All Trade Union queries and complaints are logged live on the Pro-Client system, they are then turned into tasks which are then monitored until completion.


Pro-Operations was specifically created to fulfill a decentralised strategy which enabled enhanced functionality to regional branches of the Union including operational staff in the field, such as Organisers who interact with employers and members on a daily basis. Pro-Operations facilitates a higher level of service to members, improves efficiency and service delivery to Union members. Real time reporting relating to organiser performance, legal case activity, member problem identification, queries and valuable trends can be realised and acted upon, thereby improving the overall productivity of the Union.


Everyone is Accountable | Increased Productivity

Getting everyone to work together as a a team is sometimes a daunting task. With the Pro-Workflow module, tasks are given to the responsible person who then completes his task. The system monitors progress and reminds people of jobs outstanding.


The Pro-Sure module is designed to manage insurance products offered to members within the ProPay system. The system, which caters for multiple product and associated cover types, automatically calculates insurance premiums based on the member’s identified requirements and has the option of emailing the applicable quotations. The module provides a turnkey solution wherein policies can be automatically generated from approved quotations. Insurance premiums are automatically collected from members according to product provider collection rules. In addition to providing comprehensive reporting on collections and rejections, the system also reports on new members and terminating members etc.


Tailor Made Union Based Mobile Applications that enable Union members and Organisers to connect to their database from anywhere at any time. With features ranging from members managing and updating their profiles to logging and following up on queries. Communication within the organisational structure has never been easier.


The Pro-Treasury module manages the collection and payment of funds within a virtual environment. Ecosystem principals, related third parties and other stakeholders are provided with virtual accounts with transactional ability.

Transactions within the virtual environment include transfers, payments, statements and balance enquiries. These virtual accounts are linked to a single group treasury account which is fully audible across the ecosystem.

Pro-Kiosk /Pro-Station

Pro-Station was an additional component introduced to fulfill our decentralised strategy. The Pro-Station implementation typically involves the installation of Kiosks at locations where members gather. Members are able to communicate with the Union in terms of member benefits, financial queries, legal cases and general enquiries.

Typical installation points of the Pro-Kiosk

  • Union branch offices
  • Medium to large employers offices
  • Shopping Centres

These Virtual points of contact not only improve Union productivity & effectiveness but also member communication, information sharing and a professional image of the Unions capabilities.


The Pro-Cart Module is a fully customisable online shopping cart system that allows ecosystems to design and develop their own branded shopping carts for the creation, management and sale of products under multiple product categories.

Pro-Cart allows users to manage associated product imagery & pricing structures according to user defined rules. The Pro-Cart is fully integrated into Pro-Cart Systems and typically uses credit card collections.